2 yr olds and scissors…

That’s right.  Those two things don’t go together in a sentence.  Ever.  Yet Pickles is determined that scissors are her friend.  That she needs them to fix things.  Like the thread that made up my cross stitch project.  Yes, I used the past tense there correctly.  It’s no longer thread that can be used, but thread that I’m going to have to go through and find all the pieces 4 inches and longer so that I can finish my project.  See, I’ve been sick for the last two days.  Daddy said to take a shower before he left to get Legoboy and Doodles, who are coming for the week.  I’m thinking that this would probably help me feel better.  Until I get out and see the pile of cut thread my lovely Pickles has left for me under the desk.  So I asked Pickles what she was doing.  She replied, ” Making faces” and promptly set down on her bottom, with this big innocent smile.  How can you get mad at that?  Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to relax in the shower.


And before someone says to not leave the scissors out where she could get them, this project was in a bag, zipped closed, and up on a counter in the kitchen.  She CLIMBED on top of the potty chair to get it!  (She left the potty chair behind!)  She so knew what she was doing.

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