Vasilopita and the coin

Today we celebrated St. Basil’s Day and the circumcision of Christ at one of the local Orthodox churches near to us.  This was a special service specific to this minor feast.  Part of the service is the serving of the vasilopita with a coin hidden inside of it.  This bread or cake is served in memory of St. Basil giving back coins and jewelry to people of Caesarea after the emperor had levied an extremely large tax on the very impoverished people, then repented of his greed, giving the riches back to the people through St. Basil.  St. Basil didn’t know who belonged to which pieces of jewelry and coin, so he baked many cakes and placed pieces in each one.  Each family got back exactly what they had given.  Today, if you find the coin that is hidden in the vasilopita, you will be blessed throughout the year.

So how does that fit in with Pickles and Noodles?  Pickles went up to receive her slice of the vasilopita was on the edge of her piece!  She got to keep the coin, in Mommy’s pocket of course, and eat her cake too.  May God grant you many years Miss Pickles!

If you would like to learn more about St. Basil and the vasilopita, click here: .  It contains the full story and a recipe.

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One Response to Vasilopita and the coin

  1. Mommy says:

    Many years to my baby girl! What a wonderful gift! -Daddy 🙂

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