Sleep…what is that again?

We are slowly transitioning Pickles and Noodle to the “big girl room”.  We have had their cribs set up in our room for the last four years because of our work schedules.  When a parent works nights on a regular basis, sleep has to happen during the day.  Since our bedroom is the darkest room, it only made sense that everyone slept in there.  This also keeps two little nosy girls from playing in a room while someone is sleeping.

However, they have finally gotten to where they are big enough to come wake us up when sleeping in a different room.  Yes!  We have a room to ourselves again!   This is great…except that as soon as I get Pickles to sleep, make sure she is covered up in her bed, and creep into my room to go to bed, she’s there within five minutes, poking me in the eye, and saying “Hi, Mommy!”

So tonight, we’re going to try this differently.  Instead of holding her in a chair while she goes to sleep, I’m going to lie in between the girls, each with their own blanket, and snuggle right there with them.  I’ve rearranged the room so that the beds are up against each other, and maybe they will snuggle with each other through the night and think it’s Mommy and Daddy.  Maybe.  We shall see.  Nite nite!

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