Alarm clocks are highly overrated

I love sleeping in late of a morning.  This is a very rare treat, but when it does happen, I love it!  I want more of it!  Now considering that sleeping in for me is 9am as most days I’m up at 5:30 am, my brain is hard wired to wake up early.  Often.   Repeatedly.  Let me tell you, it sucks.  Especially on a day when I can sleep until 7am and I’m awakened by an alarm clock in a child’s room.  A child that is not even sleeping in that room.  A child who leaves his alarm clock on all.the.time!  One who sets his alarm for 5:45 am. and forgets to shut it off.  Needless to say, Mommy was not happy to be up that early on a day that should have been spent sleeping in a little bit.

After turning off the alarm clock, starting two loads of laundry, folding two loads of laundry, and sorting clothes for more laundry (remember, 5 kids, 1 husband, and it means a lot of laundry), I decided at 8:30 am that a nap was in order.  Kids are still sleeping ,so laying down for 30 minutes is still an option.  Except today.

No sooner had I fallen asleep then the cheek poking started.  You know that poke.  The one made by very small fingers that is meant to get your attention.  Now.  Immediately.  And when you don’t respond to it immediately it turns into, “I’m awake.  You need to wake up.”  Repeated.  Over. and. over. Until you are ready to hit the snooze button, only to realize children don’t come with snooze buttons.  So you ignore.  Hoping that it will stop and disappear.  Knowing that it won’t because it belongs to a two-year old hand that is known for poking cheeks until the cows come home.  (Since we have no cows, you can only imagine the length of time I’m talking about.)  This persistent cheek poking, eventually turned into eye poking and nose honking and bouncing on my back.  It then turned into let’s tickle the Mommy, all while screaming, “Wake up Mommy!  I’m awake!!!!.  Like I said, alarms clocks are highly overrated when you have a two-year old at home 🙂  Love you Pickles!  Next time let Mommy sleep (just some advice).

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One Response to Alarm clocks are highly overrated

  1. Mike says:

    hahaha… that is just hilarious. Well, maybe not from your viewpoint while sleeping. 🙂

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