Teething…It’s not for the faint of heart.

Someone told me today my blog was funny.  Seriously people, the girls write this, I just type it up as they complete their crazy day of fun.

Pickles is cutting her 2 year old molars.  Yes, all four at once.  Needless to say, some days are rougher than others.  But it’s really the night time that is the hardest.  It must really hurt for her to lay down and try to go to sleep.  Tonight was no exception.  She wanted not only my side of the bed (she asked to sleep with Mommy, not in her big bed, which has been going fabulously by the way), but she wanted Daddy’s side of the bed too, and the middle, and the foot, and, well you get the picture.  Then the pillow that she wanted wasn’t right.  She wanted Daddy’s.   Not the pretty pillow that I had gotten for her to lay on in the middle of the bed (which is where she didn’t want to be either).  So I gave her Daddy’s.  Well, then she wanted Mommy’s.  So I gave her mine and took Daddy’s, so she wanted both then.  Even though they are the exact.same.pillow.  So I gave em to her.  She’s tired.  She’s whiny.  She doesn’t feel good.  It’s almost midnight.  AND SHE’S NOT ASLEEP…ahem…sorry about that.  So I resorted to the secret weapon.  Mommy’s rocking chair.  I had recently moved it into our bedroom while rearranging things into the girls’ bedroom.  I turned off the lights.  Got her favorite pony and bunny, along with her Thomas blanket, and started rocking.  She turned left.  She turned right.  She wanted hugs.  She wanted kisses.  She had a boogie.  She didn’t want her paci.  She wanted her paci.  And suddenly, she was still.  Quiet.  Snoring.  It was AMAZING!  She was asleep and I was debating on where to let her sleep for the night in case she woke up wanting Mommy again.  Since she had been so uncomfortable in my bed, I decided maybe a night beside Mommy’s bed would work.  So I got several blankets together (one handed mind you).  A nice fluffy pillow.  Her bunny, pony, paci, and her doggy, in case she wakes up later, and laid her right next to my bed where she would not be in a travel path, near sharp corners, etc etc etc.  She hasn’t moved, so Mommy’s going to go grab some sleep, because you just never know when she will wake up again.  Nite nite Pickles…zzzzzzz

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