Tonight’s post is a little bit more serious.  Musicman loves to go with my dad in his semi when he is able.  Since Musicman didn’t have school today, this was not an issue for him to go with Grandpa in the semi overnight.  I grew up going on trips with my dad in the semi, and want all my children to be able to experience this so that they will be better drivers in the future, having been exposed to the difference between cars and big rigs growing up.

So why the picture of the wreck?  See that big purple truck in the middle of that mess.  That’s the truck that my dad and Musicman were in today when an 86 car pile up occurred.  My dad aimed for a hole in the middle of the cars and hoped he would stop in time, as it was on a downhill grade with snow on the road in whiteout conditions.  No one he hit was seriously hurt and both my dad and Musicman walked away without a scratch.  Praise God for miracles!  My dad even commented that most people were able to climb out of their cars with very few injuries that were serious.  Mostly cuts and abrasions.

There was one fatality in the wreck.  One of the cars in the median had several people in it.  They decided to get out and run away from the scene to avoid being hit.  The girl that was killed was not hit by another car, but by the safety cable that snapped when it was hit.  She was not much older than Musicman and would still be alive today if she had stayed in her car to begin with.  Don’t leave your vehicle during a wreck unless asked by law enforcement officials for other safety reasons, like fuel spills or fire.

I’m very thankful I pray for my parents, husband, and children everyday.  Even when I feel like I should just skip over them, I’m reminded in small and large ways at times why I need to be praying for them daily.  My son is sleeping in his bed, and my dad is sitting in his recliner, because of my prayers.  I truly believe it.  Thank you God for hearing my prayers!

**Please don’t think I’m trying to boast about my prayer life.  However, I hope you feel encouraged to pray for your family every day, even if it is just to say their name and ask God to protect them throughout the day.  You just never know.

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One Response to Thankful

  1. Dawn says:

    Thankful that they both are o.k. ! Just wanted to let you know that I couldn’t see your picture. I saw it on another post though and God was watching out for them.:-)

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