Busy week

I was doing fairly well in being able to post everyday until this week.  Pickles has been cutting four molars, all at once.  She’s had a touch of croup, and a nose that just won’t quit.  Noodles has had a small cold.  Mommy has had short nights of sleep and been fuzzy brained most days.  Overall though, we have had a nice week together.

After the events of Monday, Tuesday was a much calmer day.  Musicman has issues with severe nosebleeds, which meant another trip to his ENT.  We park extremely far away from the Dr’s office ON PURPOSE!  If we would walk it, it would probably be about a 90 minute walk.  Why might you ask?  So we can ride the people mover 🙂  It’s a monorail system between the three hospitals and takes about 7 minutes to get us from one parking garage to the other.  It’s also cheaper to park where we do.  We were there for three hours and paid $3.  If we had parked in the parking garage next to the office we were going to visit, that’s what we would have paid for the first 30 minutes.  So we’ll take the people mover and cheaper parking thank you very much.

Musicman and I have been making this journey on the people mover since he was about a year old.  The people mover is a lot like the monorail at Disney World.  Only it does not have a driver, so you get to sit in the front car and look out the window at the track and the buildings that the track go in between.  The “driver” sits in a control booth and has monitors and sensors that they monitor the entire trip.  There are three stations total on the ride back and forth and a total of two trains that carry people between the hospitals.

We had taken Noodles on this ride when she was also about a year old.  She wasn’t much impressed with it then, but this time around was a totally different story.  Everything was “Oh, wow!” which was then copied by Pickles.  They totally loved riding the “train” and can’t wait to go do it again.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that we had other errands to run while we were up there, we probably would have ridden the people mover several more times.  You don’t have to get out at each station, unless you want to do so.  You just keep riding.

Pickles today asked when we were going back to the “train” as she played with her Thomas trains today.  She even went and put on her snow boots.  Now the fact that she only had a pull up on at the time gives you the idea of how excited she was about going.  She was going sans clothing!  Not a problem for her! Just get her to the train!!!  We didn’t go today.  We might have to go up there later this week if everyone is feeling better.  I’ll make sure she wears some clothes too 😉

BTW, Musicman’s nose was seen, cauterized, and is back to “normal” until the next round, which will probably be two years or so down the road.

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