Sleep deprevation…it’s what’s for lunch

This weekend has been a difficult weekend with Pickles.  Those teeth I’ve talked about coming through?  Yeah, they aren’t making things real comfortable right now.  The last two nights have been about not sleeping.  Naps during the day?  Very short.  Smiles from Pickles?  Some, but mostly cranky attitude.  Think of a hungry thirteen year old boy who’s had no sleep and just lost his girlfriend to his best friend.  Now multiply that by about, oh, 1,000.  Now picture a short, awfully cute 2 year old with this kind of attitude…and you get the picture.  But sleeping?  No, that’s not in the cards right now.  Saturday night she was awake until 3am.  Did Mommy’s brain let her go to sleep right away?  Nope.  Mommy finally fell asleep at 5:30am.  This would not have been an issue if Mommy had gotten some decent sleep afterward.  Nope.  Not happening.  Noodles was up by 9am and wanting Mommy to get up too. So maybe Sunday night would be better, right? Bwahahahahahahahaha….

Sunday night comes around.  Pickles is very tired.  Pickles is very cranky.  Pickles  Mommy was ready for bed around 930 pm.  This is early for Mommy.  However, Pickles had other ideas.  I finally got her to lay down around 230am.  She laid there and played with her puppy dog and threw parts of its fur in my face.  Around 4am, I moved her to the other side of me so that I could change positions.  She decided to sit up and play with her doggy all over Mommy until my alarm went off to wake up Musicman for school.  She then asks for a bottle.  Finally, she’s going to go to sleep!!!  Nope.  She’s going to continue to lay there with  I get Musicman off to school and lay back down.  She is finally laying still (which is a requirement for her to finally get to sleep, as long as she’s moving, there is no sleeping), paci in mouth for her teeth, doggie under her arm, cuddled into Mommy, and I look down at 820am, finally asleep.  Yayyyyy! Mommy can go to sleep now.  zzzzzzz…huh, what?  It’s 930am Noodles, go back to bed….TV, you want TV?  And the day starts…

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