Who needs toys??

Every Christmas and birthday, parents and grandparents all over the world try to find the perfect gift.  They scour the stores.  They comb the internet for the best deals.  They look under rocks (well, you get the idea).  They want the.perfect.toy.  Yet, when it’s all said and done, the box wins.  So maybe we need to start just buying boxes to give to kids.  This box was bought with the purpose of putting summer clothes in to make room for all new clothes that the kids received as gifts.  When you have five kids, two closets, and four dressers, space becomes an issue.  So, boxes are a necessity.  Last night, this particular box was the perfect “boat” to play in, watch tv from, and to be silly with.  All from one small box.  Where are you going in your box today?


BTW, you can’t go boating without safety gear.  Tonight’s choice is the pretty awesome purple cat bicycle helmet.  Meow!

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