I love my girls.  They love me, of course, because I’m the Mommy.  I love to snuggle with them more than anything, well, except chocolate.  It’s hard to snuggle with chocolate, without them swiping the chocolate, and then it’s not snuggling.  It’s WAR!  Snuggles come at all times of the day.  The best snuggles are right after they wake up from sleeping.  They haven’t put on the energy booster packs yet, and are content to just sit and snuggle.  This gives me a chance to smell their sweet smell, touch their skin, give kisses and hugs, and sit with them quietly.  That is, until BOTH of them are up at the same time.  Then it’s fight over who gets to sit with Mommy, knees in the sides, climbing up on my shoulders to try and jump off the couch from my shoulders, toes pressed into my leg as they practice their balancing act.  Screaming, crying, giggles, and the incessant MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM chant that doesn’t stop until I want to scream, and I very quietly, in that tone that means business, say “”  And the quiet, still, snuggles return.  Just with big fat lips from two pouting little girls.  I love snuggles.  Now I need an ice pack before my leg starts to bruise.

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