Who set the children to 6am?

This week has been the week of sleepless nights and very early mornings.  By the time I get the girls in bed, my brain is a bowl of jelly and I just want to curl up and sleep.  That has not been how this week has gone.  So, I decided Friday would be Mommy’s sleep in day.  The big kids aren’t hear yet and the little girls usually sleep is someone is sleeping beside them.  I slept with the girls in their room last night.  And…I.didn’t.set.an.alarm!  We were all asleep, and enjoying it, by 11:30 last night, which by Pickles standard, is early.  I wasn’t terribly comfortable, but I wasn’t uncomfortable either.  Smushed between two little snuggling rug rats.  It worked!

Until this morning rolled around.  Then Pickles started kicking me in the head.  She has this amazing habit of completely turning herself around in her sleep.  So her head was at my feet, and her feet at my head.  And they were awake!  Which means she’s awake!  At 6:00!!!!  Pretty soon, I hear the expected giggle to go with the kick.  I got up, got her a bottle of milk, put her in my bedroom to go back to sleep with Daddy, and went to lay back down,as Noodles was not entirely awake yet.  That is, until I laid down.  Then it was, “I want to wake up in the morning.  The morning will never get here.  Why can’t I get up yet???”  Ask me questions, and the hamster in the wheel in my brain will respond by getting up and running her heart out!  I got up.  Noodles cheered that we were getting up.  She went to do her school work on the computer, I laid down on the couch and did my normal morning routine on the laptop, email, Facebook, news.  I finally got my brain to calm back down around 9am so that I could take a nap on the couch.  This lasted for two wonderful and glorious hours, until Pickles woke up.  Remember that cheek poking I was talking about a few posts ago?  Good morning, Pickles.  Yes, I know it’s 11am and that you’re awake.  I’ll get up.  Let me find my hamster…

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