50 cent words

My children have always had great vocabularies as youngsters.  Even the older three were using larger than normal words at a young age.  So it shouldn’t surprise me when my younger two come up with words that most toddlers wouldn’t use.

Today, Pickles was playing Legos.  She loves Legos.  She makes wonderful blocks of Legos that have no specific shape or function.  She just creates wonderful, colorful creations.  Today she brought me a pink, blue, green, and purple block.  It was very thick in the middle, with small pieces on the front and back, and two skinny pieces on one end.  I asked Pickles what she had made.  She replied, ” An astronaut.”  I replied, “Really? What is your astronaut doing?” She told me, “Up to moon.”

Now, I know she still talks in fragments and that not all of her words are perfectly pronounced, but she has a good grasp of language I believe.  It’s much better than the conversation I overheard in the tub between Pickles and Noodles last night.  Let’s just say it involved peeing in the tub and how the water did not turn yellow.  I just used extra soap. 🙂


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