The eggs have hatched…

Things are always happening with Pickles and Noodles.  Sometimes, it is just too much to tell, and sometimes I feel like there isn’t enough.  This weekend though brought about another wonderful story of Pickles trying to be helpful that started with, “Mommy, Pickles hatched three eggs.”  Now, we tend to buy eggs 18 at a time.  When you have 7 people in a house, 12 just doesn’t cut it.   We also save egg cartons for a friend of ours at church.  He raises chickens and uses them to put the eggs in to be sold.  We just happened to have an egg carton that was for 12 eggs.  Pickles, seeing that we had used quite a bit of eggs out of the 18 carton, thought she would help by putting the eggs in the smaller carton.  Only, she dropped three of them.  Two of which cracked, and the third one escaped damage by landing on a towel.  Well, it wasn’t enough to just have two cracked eggs.  So she opened them.  Still, this was not enough.  Why not take the plastic knife Mommy made lunch with and scramble the eggs on the floor.  Like paint!  And paint she did.  The most glorious shade of yellow yolk you have ever seen.  On a perfectly white kitchen floor.  Thankfully, my swiffer has a washable cover on it (thank you Grandma 😉  I knew it would come in handy).  Wet, sweep, rinse, and put in the laundry…mess cleaned up. 

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