Mommy and Daddy have five children between the ages of 13 and 2.  The two littlest girls, who this blog will mainly be about, are 4 yrs old and 2 yrs old.  They are imps to say the least.  The 4 yr old, who shall be referred to as Noodle, is very much into My Little Pony, Smurfs, and Legos, as well as anything to do with school.  She will request more homework even when you have told her to go play for a bit and take a break.  Pickles, the 2 yr old, is into doing whatever her bigger siblings are doing, albeit without clothes on.  That’s right, we are raising a streaker.  So far, it’s only while we are at home, which makes me less hesitant to take her out in public.  She also is the child that has the problem of not needing sleep.  So when you see posts about Pickles at 4 am, then she’s probably up with Mommy or Daddy at that time too!

The older siblings are here part time.  That is we are a blended family and share parenting time with other parents.  Musicman is the 13 yr old.  He’s a very accomplished bluegrass musician and can play the piano in ways that make me jealous, all without having had a lesson.  This is also due to his dad and grandfather playing bluegrass music with him all these years.  Legoboy is the 12 yr old.  If it is a Lego, he will put it together and improve it, just because he can.  He’s the brain of the five kids so far, but has to think about things a lot before acting.  Doodles is the 9 yr old.  She loves to be involved in anything artsy.  Granted, Daddy is an artist, and it comes very naturally to her, as she has surpassed her Daddy’s skill level when he was that age already.

Mommy is a school teacher, who is subbing for the year while looking for a job in a different district that only allows new teachers in if you have subbed for them.  Daddy works for a movie theater and eats a lot of popcorn.

That’s our crew!  I’ll try and get pics up of them when I can.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to post about Noodles and Pickles in the coming days!


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