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50 cent words

My children have always had great vocabularies as youngsters.  Even the older three were using larger than normal words at a young age.  So it shouldn’t surprise me when my younger two come up with words that most toddlers wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Butter…it’s NOT supposed to be for dinner.

What can I say?  I have very weird children.  Tonight Musicman made supper while I worked on putting laundry away and sweeping the bedrooms.  He’s a great cook and will make someone a fine husband someday as I had him … Continue reading

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She’s a boss…and she knows it

Pickles is a boss.  She knows it.  She shows it…daily.  Today it was, “Mommy, I want milk!” in that tone that means now, even though I know you’re sitting there reading and you want to finish that paragraph, but NOW … Continue reading

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