The eggs have hatched…

Things are always happening with Pickles and Noodles.  Sometimes, it is just too much to tell, and sometimes I feel like there isn’t enough.  This weekend though brought about another wonderful story of Pickles trying to be helpful that started with, “Mommy, Pickles hatched three eggs.”  Now, we tend to buy eggs 18 at a time.  When you have 7 people in a house, 12 just doesn’t cut it.   We also save egg cartons for a friend of ours at church.  He raises chickens and uses them to put the eggs in to be sold.  We just happened to have an egg carton that was for 12 eggs.  Pickles, seeing that we had used quite a bit of eggs out of the 18 carton, thought she would help by putting the eggs in the smaller carton.  Only, she dropped three of them.  Two of which cracked, and the third one escaped damage by landing on a towel.  Well, it wasn’t enough to just have two cracked eggs.  So she opened them.  Still, this was not enough.  Why not take the plastic knife Mommy made lunch with and scramble the eggs on the floor.  Like paint!  And paint she did.  The most glorious shade of yellow yolk you have ever seen.  On a perfectly white kitchen floor.  Thankfully, my swiffer has a washable cover on it (thank you Grandma 😉  I knew it would come in handy).  Wet, sweep, rinse, and put in the laundry…mess cleaned up. 

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50 cent words

My children have always had great vocabularies as youngsters.  Even the older three were using larger than normal words at a young age.  So it shouldn’t surprise me when my younger two come up with words that most toddlers wouldn’t use.

Today, Pickles was playing Legos.  She loves Legos.  She makes wonderful blocks of Legos that have no specific shape or function.  She just creates wonderful, colorful creations.  Today she brought me a pink, blue, green, and purple block.  It was very thick in the middle, with small pieces on the front and back, and two skinny pieces on one end.  I asked Pickles what she had made.  She replied, ” An astronaut.”  I replied, “Really? What is your astronaut doing?” She told me, “Up to moon.”

Now, I know she still talks in fragments and that not all of her words are perfectly pronounced, but she has a good grasp of language I believe.  It’s much better than the conversation I overheard in the tub between Pickles and Noodles last night.  Let’s just say it involved peeing in the tub and how the water did not turn yellow.  I just used extra soap. 🙂


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Who set the children to 6am?

This week has been the week of sleepless nights and very early mornings.  By the time I get the girls in bed, my brain is a bowl of jelly and I just want to curl up and sleep.  That has not been how this week has gone.  So, I decided Friday would be Mommy’s sleep in day.  The big kids aren’t hear yet and the little girls usually sleep is someone is sleeping beside them.  I slept with the girls in their room last night.  And…I.didn’!  We were all asleep, and enjoying it, by 11:30 last night, which by Pickles standard, is early.  I wasn’t terribly comfortable, but I wasn’t uncomfortable either.  Smushed between two little snuggling rug rats.  It worked!

Until this morning rolled around.  Then Pickles started kicking me in the head.  She has this amazing habit of completely turning herself around in her sleep.  So her head was at my feet, and her feet at my head.  And they were awake!  Which means she’s awake!  At 6:00!!!!  Pretty soon, I hear the expected giggle to go with the kick.  I got up, got her a bottle of milk, put her in my bedroom to go back to sleep with Daddy, and went to lay back down,as Noodles was not entirely awake yet.  That is, until I laid down.  Then it was, “I want to wake up in the morning.  The morning will never get here.  Why can’t I get up yet???”  Ask me questions, and the hamster in the wheel in my brain will respond by getting up and running her heart out!  I got up.  Noodles cheered that we were getting up.  She went to do her school work on the computer, I laid down on the couch and did my normal morning routine on the laptop, email, Facebook, news.  I finally got my brain to calm back down around 9am so that I could take a nap on the couch.  This lasted for two wonderful and glorious hours, until Pickles woke up.  Remember that cheek poking I was talking about a few posts ago?  Good morning, Pickles.  Yes, I know it’s 11am and that you’re awake.  I’ll get up.  Let me find my hamster…

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I love my girls.  They love me, of course, because I’m the Mommy.  I love to snuggle with them more than anything, well, except chocolate.  It’s hard to snuggle with chocolate, without them swiping the chocolate, and then it’s not snuggling.  It’s WAR!  Snuggles come at all times of the day.  The best snuggles are right after they wake up from sleeping.  They haven’t put on the energy booster packs yet, and are content to just sit and snuggle.  This gives me a chance to smell their sweet smell, touch their skin, give kisses and hugs, and sit with them quietly.  That is, until BOTH of them are up at the same time.  Then it’s fight over who gets to sit with Mommy, knees in the sides, climbing up on my shoulders to try and jump off the couch from my shoulders, toes pressed into my leg as they practice their balancing act.  Screaming, crying, giggles, and the incessant MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM chant that doesn’t stop until I want to scream, and I very quietly, in that tone that means business, say “”  And the quiet, still, snuggles return.  Just with big fat lips from two pouting little girls.  I love snuggles.  Now I need an ice pack before my leg starts to bruise.

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Who needs toys??

Every Christmas and birthday, parents and grandparents all over the world try to find the perfect gift.  They scour the stores.  They comb the internet for the best deals.  They look under rocks (well, you get the idea).  They want the.perfect.toy.  Yet, when it’s all said and done, the box wins.  So maybe we need to start just buying boxes to give to kids.  This box was bought with the purpose of putting summer clothes in to make room for all new clothes that the kids received as gifts.  When you have five kids, two closets, and four dressers, space becomes an issue.  So, boxes are a necessity.  Last night, this particular box was the perfect “boat” to play in, watch tv from, and to be silly with.  All from one small box.  Where are you going in your box today?


BTW, you can’t go boating without safety gear.  Tonight’s choice is the pretty awesome purple cat bicycle helmet.  Meow!

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Sleep deprevation…it’s what’s for lunch

This weekend has been a difficult weekend with Pickles.  Those teeth I’ve talked about coming through?  Yeah, they aren’t making things real comfortable right now.  The last two nights have been about not sleeping.  Naps during the day?  Very short.  Smiles from Pickles?  Some, but mostly cranky attitude.  Think of a hungry thirteen year old boy who’s had no sleep and just lost his girlfriend to his best friend.  Now multiply that by about, oh, 1,000.  Now picture a short, awfully cute 2 year old with this kind of attitude…and you get the picture.  But sleeping?  No, that’s not in the cards right now.  Saturday night she was awake until 3am.  Did Mommy’s brain let her go to sleep right away?  Nope.  Mommy finally fell asleep at 5:30am.  This would not have been an issue if Mommy had gotten some decent sleep afterward.  Nope.  Not happening.  Noodles was up by 9am and wanting Mommy to get up too. So maybe Sunday night would be better, right? Bwahahahahahahahaha….

Sunday night comes around.  Pickles is very tired.  Pickles is very cranky.  Pickles  Mommy was ready for bed around 930 pm.  This is early for Mommy.  However, Pickles had other ideas.  I finally got her to lay down around 230am.  She laid there and played with her puppy dog and threw parts of its fur in my face.  Around 4am, I moved her to the other side of me so that I could change positions.  She decided to sit up and play with her doggy all over Mommy until my alarm went off to wake up Musicman for school.  She then asks for a bottle.  Finally, she’s going to go to sleep!!!  Nope.  She’s going to continue to lay there with  I get Musicman off to school and lay back down.  She is finally laying still (which is a requirement for her to finally get to sleep, as long as she’s moving, there is no sleeping), paci in mouth for her teeth, doggie under her arm, cuddled into Mommy, and I look down at 820am, finally asleep.  Yayyyyy! Mommy can go to sleep now.  zzzzzzz…huh, what?  It’s 930am Noodles, go back to bed….TV, you want TV?  And the day starts…

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Yes, you are Noodles.  Yes, you are.

It has been a crazy, busy week this week.  I don’t know about you, but once the girls have gone to sleep, Mommy has been out like nothing else.  We’ve had lots of funny moments this week, but nothing that just stands out as a full story.  So here are some snippets.

*Noodles is cuddled up beside me on one side and Pickles on the other.  Pickles informs us, “I’m the boss. You stop it.  My mommy.”  Noodles reply, “But Mommy, you said I was the boss.”  My reply, “Nope.  I’m the boss.”  Noodles shakes her head.  Pickles looks at me, grins, and says, “No, you’re not.  You’re the Mommy.”

*We often joke, and I do mean joke, about eating the cat.  We would never eat the cat.  Our cat is the best cat of them all.  She’s our Floppy Cat.  But when I turn on the oven, the kids automatically ask, “We having baked cat tonight?”  So tonight, Noodles found a toy oven in the girls bedroom.  She also found a tiny PLASTIC toy cat.  She put the cat in the toy oven, brought it to me, and says, “Look Mommy!  I made supper!”

*Last night, I hear this horrible, terrible crash in the kitchen.  I go running in thinking Pickles has tried to take the milk out of the fridge again.  Nope.  She’s found the last of the cans that wouldn’t fit in the cabinet and is playing blocks.  She had stacked them as tall as she could and hit them to make them fall over.  Thanks Pickles! Mommy needed that heart attack!

*The girls and I love marshmallows.  We sneak them every chance we get.  But only six at a time.  I don’t know why six.  Maybe because that’s how many can fit in two hands that are that small.  Might be.  So one night this week, I’m fixing supper.  Pickles comes in and asks for “Memellows”.  I correct here by saying “Marshmallows”.  She informs me, “No.  Memellows.  They’re for ME!”  What do I know???  I’m just the Mommy.

We had the most awesome pizza tonight.  I’m a big fan of homemade pizza.  Not the kind where the crust is in a can or a box.  But the kind where you have to get flour up to your elbows and use some muscle to make it.  The kind that makes kids think we’ve gone out to eat.  Yeah, that kind.  Want the recipe?  I figured as much.

  • Crust – adapted from
  • 2 1/2-3 cups of flour
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 1/4 teaspoon fast rising yeast (or 1 envelope, for a fast rise)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 cup very warm water (120-130 degrees)
  • 2 tablespoons oilIn a large bowl, combine 1 cup of flour, sugar, undissolved yeast, and salt; blend well
    Gradually add water and oil to mixture.  Blend at low speed until moistened, then beat for 2 minutes at medium speed.  (Here’s where mine differs.  I blend all of it by hand.  I mix it for almost 3 minutes and try to keep a whipping motion going.)  By hand, add 1 1/2 to 2 cups flour until dough pulls away from sides of the bowl.
    On floured surface, knead in 1/4 to 1/2 cup of flour until dough is smooth and elastic.  (Think play dough.)  Cover loosely with plastic and let rest in a warm place for about 15 minutes. (I cover mine with a cloth napkin.  Cheaper than cheese cloth, not as harmful as plastic to the environment, and totally washable:)  I also let mine sit for almost 40 minutes.)
    Press out dough onto (2) 12 inch pizza pans.  Prick randomly with a fork.  Let rest again in a warm place for 10-15 minutes.  (I always forget to prick my dough, and it bubbles up big time, but it’s still yummy and again, I let it go for about 40 minutes.  I like poofy dough.)Brush crusts lightly with oil then pre-bake them in a 450 F degree oven for about 5 minutes. (Oops, I always forget this one.  I’m too hungry by this time to think about it.)  Top as desired, then bake again in 450 F degree for 4-5 minutes, or until desired amount.  (Since I forget the first pre-bake step, I cook mine for 13-15 minutes depending on the amount of toppings.  I also use a square cookie sheet and only get one pizza out of the dough.)
  • Sauce – Yep, I make it too!
    • 1 can tomato paste
    • 1 small can tomato sauce
    • 1 tablespoon of sugar
    • 1 teaspoon of olive oil
    • 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice
    • blend of Italian seasoning to taste – I use whatever is in my cupboard – oregano, basil, thyme- you don’t need much.  Add a pinch, let it simmer, taste and add more if needed.
    • Sometimes, I will add garlic powder, others I’ll use real garlic.  Just depends on what I have on hand.  Usually I have both.

    Combine in a sauce pan and bring to a slow boil.  This way you don’t splash it all over the stove.  Reduce heat.  Simmer for 15-20 minutes.  You will not use all of it on your pizza.  Whatever is left over, place in a clean ice cube tray, sans ice, and freeze.  Once frozen, place in a freezer bag or container.  I have kept them up to three months with no problems.  After about three months, they are really watery.

Then I add whatever toppings I want after I spread the sauce around.  Mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, pineapple, ham, sausage, bacon, more bacon, even more bacon, maybe a pinch more…ok that’s good.  Did I mention bacon?  Thought so.  Then I add the cheese.  Now, don’t buy the cheese that’s already pre-shredded in the bag.  They add anti-caking junk to it so that you have nice pieces of shredded cheese.  A)You don’t want anti-caking junk on your pizza, B) it’s much cheaper to shred you’re own block of cheese.  I spend about $1.80 or so for a small block of cheese at Aldi’s.  It’s an 8 oz block, so not bad in price.  I have my grandmother’s cheese grater.  Get a bowl, two blocks of your favorite cheese (tonight was mozzarella blended with colby jack cheese), and the grater.  Sit and watch 10 minutes of your favorite tv show, talk with the kids, listen to some music, something that does not require hands for 10 minutes.  Shred your cheese into the bowl.  Mix it up and spread it on your pizza.  It will be plenty cheesy.  But if you really like cheesy, go for three, why not.

So there you have it.  Some snippets from this week.  A great pizza recipe.  What more could you ask for?  A picture of the pizza?  Well, why didn’t you say so…


Did I mention that it was REALLY good?  Yeah, they didn’t wait for me to take the picture.  Enjoy!

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Butter…it’s NOT supposed to be for dinner.

What can I say?  I have very weird children.  Tonight Musicman made supper while I worked on putting laundry away and sweeping the bedrooms.  He’s a great cook and will make someone a fine husband someday as I had him do his own laundry tonight too!  That’s right.  He cooks and does laundry.  Throw some house cleaning in there some where and I will have earned the Mother-in-law-to-be award…righttttt.  However, he fixed an excellent meal that everybody ate well from and even unloaded the dishwasher to boot.  I did mention that I’m house training him?

After dinner, we had ice cream.  Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  The kind that makes you swoon after one spoon full and makes Pickles eat it with her hands because it’s faster and she can’t get enough.  So, dinner and dessert tonight.  My children should be full.  Especially since I saw Pickles sneak part of a cookie that I had made over the weekend.  She must be growing.

After all food was eaten, time to get back on laundry and sorting out the linen closet.  Noodles decided that helping Mommy was a great idea.  Pickles was playing in their bedroom right next to the linen closet…or so I thought.  About halfway though the closet, I noticed that it was very, very quiet.  The kind of quiet when you know something good is not happening.  The kind that immediately tells you that Pickles must dumping the cat food into their water dish again to make cat food soup.  The kind where you search the house frantically looking for said child before a bigger mess is made than you want to deal with on a Monday night.  Yeah, that kind of quiet.

As, I enter the living room, I hear slurping.  The kind when you know what you have is really good and you need to eat it quick.  For me, that would be a pineapple whip ice cream cone on a hot summer day.  For Pickles, you just have to look and see.  Too many things are possible for her.  So I follow the sounds of the slurping, yet I don’t see a child anywhere in the living room.  Until I hear the giggle coming from behind the blind in the bay window.  Followed by more slurping.  As I push the blind out of the way, I come face to face with Pickles covered in butter.  Not just a little butter either.  Enough that it’s all over her face, hands, chest (I did mention that she doesn’t like clothes right?) and even some in her hair.  Sitting in the bay window, with the small tub of butter, eating it like it’s going out of style.  I ask her why she’s eating the butter in the window.  She replies, “I’m hungry.  I eat the butter.”  Butter…it’s NOT supposed to be for dinner.  Sometimes, it just happens without warning.

PS Please don’t think we encourage her to eat butter straight from the tub.  We’ve been using a 50 lb bag of flour to keep her out of the fridge.  I had moved it tonight to get a box out to the garage and forgot to put it back.  She realized the fridge was open and there ya go, butter.  At least it wasn’t an entire brick of mozzarella cheese!

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She’s a boss…and she knows it

Pickles is a boss.  She knows it.  She shows it…daily.  Today it was, “Mommy, I want milk!” in that tone that means now, even though I know you’re sitting there reading and you want to finish that paragraph, but NOW MOM NOW!!!

So does she wait?  Oh no!  Not little miss independent 2 year old!  Not I can open the fridge and get it myself and heave the almost full gallon of milk through the kitchen into the living room to where Mommy is sitting.  Not the child who after getting her cup filled says, “I can’t do it.  It’s too heavy” when asked to go put it back.  Yeah, not that child at all.  Because she’s the boss, and she knows it!

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Busy week

I was doing fairly well in being able to post everyday until this week.  Pickles has been cutting four molars, all at once.  She’s had a touch of croup, and a nose that just won’t quit.  Noodles has had a small cold.  Mommy has had short nights of sleep and been fuzzy brained most days.  Overall though, we have had a nice week together.

After the events of Monday, Tuesday was a much calmer day.  Musicman has issues with severe nosebleeds, which meant another trip to his ENT.  We park extremely far away from the Dr’s office ON PURPOSE!  If we would walk it, it would probably be about a 90 minute walk.  Why might you ask?  So we can ride the people mover 🙂  It’s a monorail system between the three hospitals and takes about 7 minutes to get us from one parking garage to the other.  It’s also cheaper to park where we do.  We were there for three hours and paid $3.  If we had parked in the parking garage next to the office we were going to visit, that’s what we would have paid for the first 30 minutes.  So we’ll take the people mover and cheaper parking thank you very much.

Musicman and I have been making this journey on the people mover since he was about a year old.  The people mover is a lot like the monorail at Disney World.  Only it does not have a driver, so you get to sit in the front car and look out the window at the track and the buildings that the track go in between.  The “driver” sits in a control booth and has monitors and sensors that they monitor the entire trip.  There are three stations total on the ride back and forth and a total of two trains that carry people between the hospitals.

We had taken Noodles on this ride when she was also about a year old.  She wasn’t much impressed with it then, but this time around was a totally different story.  Everything was “Oh, wow!” which was then copied by Pickles.  They totally loved riding the “train” and can’t wait to go do it again.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that we had other errands to run while we were up there, we probably would have ridden the people mover several more times.  You don’t have to get out at each station, unless you want to do so.  You just keep riding.

Pickles today asked when we were going back to the “train” as she played with her Thomas trains today.  She even went and put on her snow boots.  Now the fact that she only had a pull up on at the time gives you the idea of how excited she was about going.  She was going sans clothing!  Not a problem for her! Just get her to the train!!!  We didn’t go today.  We might have to go up there later this week if everyone is feeling better.  I’ll make sure she wears some clothes too 😉

BTW, Musicman’s nose was seen, cauterized, and is back to “normal” until the next round, which will probably be two years or so down the road.

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